Centenary Celebrations

Draft email to members:

To be sent by General Manager or Chairman:

In 2027, only 8 years away, this Club will celebrate its centenary and will want to have available a record of its history. John Todd and Frances Price have taken on the task of updating the excellent work of Allen Gofton who recorded our history up to year 1999.

Frances and John have been gathering information over recent months and have produced a draft version of our history from 2000 to 2018. They now need your help to add in the significant events they may have overlooked and correct any errors in the text. They would also welcome any anecdotal stories about members or events that will add life to the text. Some examples are included at the end of the document.

Copies of their draft may be found on the website and there will be a small number of hardcopies in the clubhouse.

The authors plan to include photographs so if you have any that might be included in the final publication please let them know.

A list of trophy winners is being compiled and will be available at a later date. Although we have searched the records and the honours boards there is a gap in the record of the Mixed Foursomes Charity Cup for 2000 and 2001 so if you won this trophy in these years please let us know.

Please address comments by email to.  johnwpgc@gmail.com  or on paper to John or Frances via the office.

Date: 7th October 2019

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